We are here for each other

“In my community the biggest focus for most people is to feed their families. I have witnessed a great sense of Ubuntu, with neighbours and friends looking out for each other. I am a single mother and breadwinner, and like everyone else in tourism, the virus has made it very difficult to put food on the table. I am deeply concerned about my community. I am a mother and my heart goes out to every mother that cannot feed her children right now. I would like to take this opportunity to encourage mothers to not lose hope, but to contact their nearest church, non-profit or feeding programme if they are in need of food. The biggest contribution I have to make at this point, is to share information with people, both about how to stay safe and where to find help. Earlier this week a young woman in my street, Nopopi Ngubo, reached out to me. She has also lost her income due to COVID-19. She has been staying afloat by sewing and selling masks, but she ran out of fabric. I posted her story on social media and the next day two big bags of fabric were donated, directly enabling her to create an income. Our community is alive with entrepreneurialism and care. My message to everyone out there is “sufela embelekweni” don’t suffer in silence. Ubuntu has risen in and around us. We are here for you, let us know what you need and we will try to find support for you.” Khanyisa Mhlakaza.

Posted in May 2020 Newsletter.