A United Stellenbosch

Stellenbosch Unite is the official coordinating food initiative for the greater Stellenbosch and partners include Stellenbosch Municipality, Stellenbosch University, Visit Stellenbosch (civil society), SCAN (Stellenbosch Civil Advocacy Network, representing the non-profit sector), Ranyaka (aid distributor) and the Greater Stellenbosch Development Trust (administrators).

All donations are administrated by the Greater Stellenbosch Development Trust (GSDT) and dispersed to service providers and partners.

On an operational level there are two associated but independently managed aid streams. The first is coordinated by SCAN and their existing network of social service non-profits. They supply and distribute 200 food parcels per week. Beneficiaries are identified and reached through their established networks.

The second aid action is coordinated by Stellenbosch Unite who has put a team together to supply and distribute at least an additional 2000 food parcels per week. These beneficiaries are persons who were not previously part of a social aid network. The beneficiaries are identified through an established community network. This network of community coordinators do not only assist in identifying the needy, but also help with aid distribution.

Since the beginning of lockdown 20 700 food parcels were distributed to the different Stellenbosch Community.

Food parcels are delivered to central points in the participating communities where vetted community, church and social leaders administrate and hand the parcels to qualifying beneficiaries. Qualifying beneficiaries are families that are facing certain and prevailing hunger. We rely on existing leadership networks and relationships to establish the central community points of delivery.  

As the crises deepened, we had to expand our aid offering to also supplying soup to vulnerable communities. This is a much more cost effective way of keeping our beneficiaries sustained and 1.92 more people can be assisted with the same budget. We are currently supplying 14 388 litres of soup per week serving 47 960 portions per week.

Of the R290 000 per week that is spent on food aid the Municipality contributes R25 000. The rest is all from private donations. A total of R2 300 000 has been raised.

Stellenbosch Unite has an integrated system which keep track of all the processes from the donations right through to the point where the beneficiary sign for the food parcel. We are also mobilising resources to be on a readiness footing should the pandemic deteriorate.

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Posted in May 2020 Newsletter.